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Students practice critical thinking, effective communicating, creative and analytical writing, and discerning research.


ClassOxford Academy’s English teachers seek to foster appreciation for language and literature and encourage insightful interpretation of all literary genres. Students practice critical thinking, effective communicating, creative and analytical writing, and discerning research. They learn to develop their intellectual voices in a trusting one-to-one environment. Oxford’s English teachers work to build each student’s confidence and help all to reach their potential with a tailored and appropriately challenging curriculum. Most Oxford English courses are completely individualized, with literature and writing assignments based on student interest and ability. Additionally, a small number of courses with more specific curricula are offered: Senior Seminar is a demanding one-term writing course required for most seniors before graduation. “Senior Sem” is designed to prepare Oxford students for college level research, writing and discussion, and to re-introduce them to a classroom atmosphere. AP Literature & Composition aligns its coursework with the demands of college-level literature and analysis. The course culminates with the AP Literature & Composition exam in May. Language Arts is taken as a second English course, giving a student an opportunity to work on basic reading and writing skills at a more discrete level. Language Arts is required for most ESL students.


Oxford’s History and Social Studies courses provide each student with an understanding of the importance and impact of the events of the past, convey cultural respect and appreciation, and hone the various skills necessary for successful academic endeavors. Oxford offers an array of social studies courses designed to appeal to the individual. Students are encouraged to pursue their own interests through course design and research projects.


The mission of The Oxford Academy Math program is to cultivate in each student a methodical, deliberate, and logical approach to problem solving that may be used throughout his math career. Two main areas of focus support this mission: first, the identification and remediation of gaps in students’ knowledge and skill base, and second, an emphasis on time management, study habits, and learning strategies. Furthermore, by tailoring classes to the individual student’s abilities, needs, and interests, Oxford’s mathematics teachers strive to make math more approachable and relevant.


 The Science program at The Oxford Academy strives to educate students using a variety of learning strategies. These include traditional instructional methods, relevant technologies, and the integration of hands-on lab based and outdoor activities. By adjusting classes to meet the unique needs of each student, Oxford’s science teachers aim to help individuals grasp diverse science concepts and achieve competence in problem solving and laboratory skills.




The Foreign Language Department offers introductory through advanced study in Spanish and Latin. Oxford’s one-to-one classroom allows the teacher to adapt instructional strategies to meet the needs and learning style of the individual, with the aim of bringing each student to a novice level of language competence. Additionally, students are exposed as much as possible to the culture of the language studied.

Academic Orientation & STUDY SKILLS

The Oxford Study Skills course is designed to ensure that a student has the appropriate tools to learn. Taken for one to two terms, for one-half credit, students proceed through seven areas that teach students the skills to be active learners, specifically, to improve reading comprehension and to organize and retain information for tests or written work.


The Art and Photography program aims to cultivate a student’s ability to communicate through visual language, foster creative thinking and innovative problem solving, instill confidence, and challenge him to make improvements to his work regardless of the finished product.

Oxford Academy offers access to online music courses through the Music Learning Partnership Program of Berklee College of Music. Motivated students can round out their education and pursue their love of music through independent study with the Berklee online program. For more information and course offerings go to http://www.berkleemusic.com/partner-schools.

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