Smithsonian October 2020

Featured Articles:

  • You Don’t Know Nero – For nearly 2,000 years, the Roman ruler has been depicted as a childish, egotistical monster who coolly plucked a lyre while Rome Burned. But is this accurate?
  • It is Here. And it is Hungry – Grotesque and yet eerily beautiful, the invasive spotted lanternfly will devour nearly every tree and plant it comes across, from apple and cherry to wine grapes and hops. Scientists are racing to slow its spread.
  • The Last Quiet Place – As human activity increases, it’s harder to escape the din. A globe-trotting photographer spotlights some locales where he experienced the restorative effects of silence.
  • Hatred in Plain Sight – In Germany, a nation applauded for its willingness to confront the past, debate is raging over medieval, anti-Semitic sculptures called Judensau that still appear on many churches.

New Yorker October 12, 2020

Featured Articles Right Hook - The conservative strategists determined to defeat Trump. Chile at the Barricades - A popular movement challenges the legacy of Pinochet. The Sealed City - Covid-19...

Smithsonian October 2020

Featured Articles: You Don't Know Nero - For nearly 2,000 years, the Roman ruler has been depicted as a childish, egotistical monster who coolly plucked a lyre while Rome Burned. But is this...

The New Yorker October 5, 2020

Featured Articles: Three Fathers - How a daughter became a writer  A Brush with Violence - The life of the painter Artemisia Gentileschi  School’s Out - Remote learning and the cost of...

The Atlantic Magazine October 2020

Featured Articles: The Next Reconstruction - The United States has its best opportunity in 150 years to fulfill its promise as a multiracial democracy.  Make America Again - We may be on the...
Time Magazine March 2020

Time March 2 / March 9, 2020

Featured Articles: Her Case of Compassion - New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern offers a new leadership model.Equality Now - Nearly 60 years after the March on Washington, black Americans are...

Time February 17, 2020

Featured Articles: And the Winner Is … After a fiasco in Iowa, the Democrats search for a path to victory.Xi’s Challenge - China’s plan for world leadership meets 2019-nCoVSaved by Song - After...

The New Yorker March 2, 2020

Featured Articles: Burden of Proof - The fight to overturn a pair of murder convictions.Unbuttoned - Conversations between father and son.The Altitude Sickness - The psychic toll of mountain...

The New Yorker February 17 & 24, 2020

Featured Articles: Betting the Farm - A new vision for Britain’s land.The Fugitive Cure - Learning history by reenacting it.The Really Big Picture - Yuval Noah Harari explains the world.

Harper’s March 2020

Featured Articles: The Old Normal - Why we can’t beat our addiction to war.Out of Africa - The legacy of colonialism threatens the future of genetic research.Waiting for the End of the World -...

Popular Science Spring 2020

Featured Articles: What Came Before?Nostalgia’s life-or-death origin story10,000 steps is an old lieUndoing dams to resurrect our riversNew evidence: dogs tamed themselves