Independent School Spring 2020

Featured Articles:

  • Model Behavior – What effective board work looks like.
  • Hard Feelings – Exploring books that help us understand empathy, a critical aspect of compassion that’s on the wane.
  • Across the Board – Findings from the latest NAIS Governance Study.
  • Out of Bounds – As social media incidents become more common – whether they happen on or off campus – schools should proactively create policies to address how they’ll respond.
  • Desire to Lead – A millennial woman of color shares six reflections on her path to leadership.
  • Support Systems – A first look at the results of NAIS’s Precipitating Factors of Head of School Turnover Survey and the insights and implications for leadership sustainability.
  • Balance Point – The nature of strategic planning is changing. How can schools and boards achieve the right blend of looking ahead and being responsive?
  • The Deep End – How one school adopted intensives to prepare students for a changing world.
Time Magazine March 2020

Time March 2 / March 9, 2020

Featured Articles: Her Case of Compassion - New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern offers a new leadership model.Equality Now - Nearly 60 years after the March on Washington, black Americans are...

Time February 17, 2020

Featured Articles: And the Winner Is … After a fiasco in Iowa, the Democrats search for a path to victory.Xi’s Challenge - China’s plan for world leadership meets 2019-nCoVSaved by Song - After...

The New Yorker March 2, 2020

Featured Articles: Burden of Proof - The fight to overturn a pair of murder convictions.Unbuttoned - Conversations between father and son.The Altitude Sickness - The psychic toll of mountain...

The New Yorker February 17 & 24, 2020

Featured Articles: Betting the Farm - A new vision for Britain’s land.The Fugitive Cure - Learning history by reenacting it.The Really Big Picture - Yuval Noah Harari explains the world.

Harper’s March 2020

Featured Articles: The Old Normal - Why we can’t beat our addiction to war.Out of Africa - The legacy of colonialism threatens the future of genetic research.Waiting for the End of the World -...

Popular Science Spring 2020

Featured Articles: What Came Before?Nostalgia’s life-or-death origin story10,000 steps is an old lieUndoing dams to resurrect our riversNew evidence: dogs tamed themselves

Wired Magazine March 2020

Featured Articles: Symphonie Digitque - When streaming costs you music’s fantasia, there are ways to get it back.Generation Vexed - Immense changes show us, again and again, that we are the same as...

Make Magazine Spring 2020

Projects: Boost that Bike! - Convert any bike to electric with an easy front wheel motor kit, then zip around practically carbon free.The Modular Fiddle - 3D-print a bright-sounding, go-anywhere...

National Geographic March 2020

Featured Articles: When Art Sounds a Climate Warning - In bubbles captured by ice on Alaska lakes and ponds, a photographer found inspiration - and sobering evidence - of climate change.Finding our...

Smithsonian March 2020

Featured Articles: Thou Shalt Not Underestimate Florence Nightingale - History’s most famous nurse, born 200 years ago, rose to glory caring for wounded soldiers in the Crimean War. But the full...